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"Advanced Character Sheets" for DCC RPG


first published: 2021-04-19 | last updated: 2022-04-16

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These Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG character sheets have been designed to include as much information in as intuitively arranged a format as possible. Almost all class-specific attributes and abilities have been reflected on them, and they're intended to be dependable, long-term companions to your DCC RPG campaigns.

Every sheet includes:







-Empty Square for Portrait/Figurine, centered at top


-HP, max and current


-Condition (poisoned, prone, broken arm, etc.)

-Check Penalty

-Fumble Die


-Speed, max and current

-Equipped Gear: left hand, right hand, head/neck, torso/arms, legs/feet

-Stored Gear: 20 lines for what's in your pack/belt/etc.

-Change Purse: dedicated slots for CP, SP, GP, EP, PP

-Trained Weapons List

-Strength, max and current

-Strength Modifier

-Agility, max and current

-Agility Modifier

-XP Reflex Save Bonus

-Reflex Save Modifier

-Stamina, max and current

-Stamina Modifier

-XP Fortitude Save Bonus

-Fortitude Save Modifier

-Personality, max and current

-Personality Modifier

-XP Will Save Bonus

-Will Save Modifier

-Luck, max and current

-Luck Modifier

-Lucky Roll

-Intelligence, max and current

-Intelligence Modifier


-Melee Attack

-Melee Damage

-Missile Attack

-Missile Damage

-XP Attack Bonus (or Deed Die) with notes

-Initiative Roll with notes

-Action Dice with notes

-Crit Range

-Crit Die

-Crit Table

-Class-Specific Skills and Notes (varies per class: spell list, familiar, patron, corruption, disapproval, mighty deeds, thief skills, "good luck charm," detect door bonus, etc.)

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