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First Published (v1.0.0): 2022-08-16

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Download "Fetch (no score counter)" & "Fetch (with score counter)" Game ROMs

How to use these ROM files:

Download them and then play them in an Atari 2600 emulator such as StellaZ26, or JavAtari.


"Fetch" is a simple program involving a human, a dog, and a ball on a background of green grass. 

Player 1 controls the human's movement using the joystick, and once you've picked up the ball by touching it, the fire button allows you to throw the ball in any of the eight directions in which you may be moving. After you've thrown the ball, the dog will run to retrieve it, after which, it will bring it back to you, allowing you to throw the ball again. 

Unlike many Atari games, this one's not based on an arcade game and is not intended to be a quarter-munching stress-fest -- just the opposite! Have fun throwing the ball to your dog and watching it retrieve it to you over and over again, just like in a real game of fetch.

Two versions are available: one with a score counter that increases the score by one every time the dog retrieves the ball, and one without.

Future Plans:

"Fetch Deluxe" is currently in the works as of summer 2022. It's projected to feature obstacles, hazards, and settings that change with level advancement.


This program was written using the batari Basic programming language.

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